Viral fame with the #GreenShirtGuy Alex Kack

One minute you're sitting in a city council meeting, the next you're trending nationwide. Alex Kack, aka the #GreenShirtGuy, joins us. We talk about viral fame, the making of a meme and where he goes from here. Then, John Shull unveils his new Ivan Drago inspired rap song. And we discuss the Top 5 Colors.

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Steroid and PED Researcher Dr. Katinka van de Ven

People take them to look good and beat the competition. But what are performance-enhancing drugs really doing to your body. Steroid researcher Dr. Katinka van de Ven joins us. We talk the latest PED research, supplement contamination, how many athletes are taking them and why steroids should be studied more. Then, John Shull explains the importance of dry good storage. And we discuss the Top 5 Desserts.


Adventure Filmmaker Dirk Collins

From the top of Mt. Everest to the depths of the Southern Ocean, Adventure Filmmaker Dirk Collins has spent more than 20 years capturing the extreme on camera. We talk his latest films, losing friends in a dangerous profession, working with some of action sport's biggest names and what it takes to follow your passion. Then, John Shull gets emotional over his fear of free samples. And we discuss our Top 5 Worst Qualities

Celebrity Impersonator Christina Shaw

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera. She's played them all at shows across the country. Celebrity Impersonator Christina Shaw joins us. We talk how it all started with a phone call, meeting the people she impersonates and why some impersonators are better than the real thing. Then, John Shull explains why he engages in profile honking. And we discuss the Top 5 Mistakes You Make Over and Over Again.

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Earthquake Experts Dr. Wendy Bohon and Robert Geller

We're going deep into the Earth with the latest earthquake science in this episode. Geologist Dr. Wendy Bohon and Seismologist Robert Geller join us. We talk the latest California quakes, danger zones and predicting the next "Big One" Then, John Shull talks about going to prison. And we discuss our most controversial Top 5 yet.


World Champion Barbecue with Malcom Reed

There may not be a wrong way to do barbecue but there's certainly a way to do it right. World Champion Barbecue Pitmaster Malcom Reed joins us. We talk high stakes barbecue competitions, creating a wildly popular YouTube channel and his best barbecue secrets. Then, John Shull surprises everyone with his success. And we look at the Top 5 Things about Summer.

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Las Vegas Showgirl Mariah Rivera

She's a professional dancer, model, producer and one of Las Vegas' premier Showgirls. Mariah Rivera joins us for this episode. We talk the life of a Las Vegas Showgirl, performing at the Luxor and the best Denver Broncos quarterback. Then, John Shull shares his deep love for scented candles. And we discuss the Top 5 Mario Kart characters.

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Bodybuilding with Stan Efferding

He's known as the "The Strongest Man in Professional Bodybuilding" but we think he might also be one of the smartest. Pro Bodybuilder Stan Efferding joins the show. We talk training secrets, diet advice, why other pro athletes come to him for help and what it's like to appear on Shark Tank. Then, John Shull explains why he's a paragon of genetic fitness. And we discuss the Top 5 Most Annoying Bumper Stickers.

Skydiving with Jeff Provenzano

Skydiving. Wingsuit flying. BASE jumping. Megamovie stunts. With over 20,000 jumps to his name Professional Skydiver Jeff "Jeffro" Provenzano has done it all. We talk life in the Red Bull Air Force, managing risk, training the military and some of Hollywood's biggest stunts. Then, John Shull explains the benefits of his new Boat Shoe lifestyle. And we unveil a secret Top 5.

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Crystals and Reiki Healing with Athena Bahri

Clear your mind, open your third eye and get ready to explore the world of energy healing in this episode. Crystal healer and Reiki Master Athena Bahri joins the show. We talk crystal energy, why hospitals are offering Reiki and alternative medicine. Then, John Shull explains his recent online activities. And we discuss the Top 5 funnest words to say.

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Psychic Tonya Gonzalez

We're going on a psychic journey filled with magic and sensuality in this episode. Psychic Tonya Gonzalez joins the show. How you can find the magic in you, the positivity of Brujeria and why she was voted one of the world's best psychics. Then, John Shull dives into a hot dog bun controversy. And we discuss the Top 5 Things Better than Sex.

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Game of Thrones with Oz from Watchers on the Wall

Want to know more about what's next for Game of Thrones? Want to turn your passion into something more? Our guest in this episode can tell you all about both. Oz from Watchers on the Wall joins us to talk what's ahead in Westeros, how he built a website with millions of avid fans and if we will ever see A Dream of Spring. Then, John Shull explains why he can't mow his own yard. And we discuss the Top 5 TV Shows of all time.

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Rock Climbing with Hazel Findlay

From gritstone cliffs in the United Kingdom to 3,000 foot Yosemite walls. Professional Rock Climber Hazel Findlay has sent them all. We talk training techniques, overcoming your fears, free soling and her favorite climbs. Then, John Shull dishes on on his love affair with the Royal Family. And we discuss the Top 5 Fictional Cats.

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Space with Harvard Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell

He roamed the halls of NASA as a little kid. Now he's one of the world's foremost astrophysicists. Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell joins the show. We talk Black Holes, Time Travel, Dark Energy and Space Exploration. Then, John Shull brings us back down to earth with his deja vu theory. And we discuss the Top 5 fictional dogs.

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Suicide Girls and Beauty with Vervain

People say they like the good girls... but what they really want are the bad girls. Suicide Girl and Alternative Model Vervain joins the show. We talk tattoos, self-confidence, odd requests, wild parties and the changing face of beauty. Then, John Shull rails against Avengers and Game of Thrones spoilers. And we discuss the Top 5 Superheroes.

Volcano Science with Dr. Janine Krippner

Are we all going to die in a massive eruption anytime soon? That's the big question we asked Volcano expert Dr. Janine Krippner. Why she became a Volcanologist, what seeing an eruption is like and the volcanoes we really should pay more attention to. Then, John Shull explains why he almost left his wife over a bottle of Log Cabin Lite. And we discuss the Top 5 worst names.

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Bodybuilding with IFBB Pro Aleesha Young

We're hitting the gym with the Pros in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Aleesha Young joins the show. Why she became a bodybuilder, her favorite training tips and why some people pay to watch her work out. Then, John Shull relives some childhood trauma. And we discuss the Top 5 harmless but annoying things people do.

Freediving with Daniel Koval

Take and deep breath and hold it in because we're going deep underwater in this episode. Record holding Freediver Daniel Koval joins the show. His deepest dives, training techniques and dangers beneath the waves. Then, John Shull proposes a new plan for space exploration. And we discuss the Top 5 marine animals.

Game of Thrones, the Real History with Author Ed West

Think Joffrey was evil, that Arya is cunning or that Tywin was brutal? Well, the Game of Thrones characters have nothing on the real thing. Author Ed West joins us to talk the real history that inspired A Song of Ice and Fire. How an unusual winter really did set off an age of misery, brutality and revenge. Then, John Shull explains why he's the only person in the world with a landline. And we discuss the Top 5 Game of Thrones characters.

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March Madness Cinderella Stories with Loyola's Ben Richardson

Put on your glass slippers cause we're taking Cinderella to the big dance. Former Loyola Chicago star Ben Richardson joins the show. We talk March Madness, getting to the Final Four as an underdog and how he feels about ruining your bracket. Then, John Shull explains why Powerball is a strategy game and not just random luck. And we discuss the Top 5 biggest upsets all time - movies included.

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