Tarot Card Reader and Witch Ethony Dawn

What do the cards say about your future? Professional Tarot Card Reader and Witch Ethony Dawn tell us in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. We look at the role fate plays, why some spells don't work and how we are all connected. Then, John Shull questions the difference between ice cream and popcorn. We discuss Lorena Bobbitt, Kurt Russell's greatness, Rock Climbing and what are the Top 5 best sodas. Or pops,or cokes, or whatever you want to call them.

Business Success and Inner Peace with Life Coach Mary Allen

We're on a quest to improve our lives in this episode. Luckily, Professional Life Coach and inner peace guru Mary Allen is here with some helpful tips. How to dump your baggage, find what you really want and get ahead in life and business. Then, John Shull starts a campaign against driveway parking. And we discuss the Top 5 actors of all time. Hint: Respect Gary Coleman

Marijuana's future with Mary Jane Gibson

She's one of the most influential women in the marijuana industry and today Mary Jane Gibson joins the show. Her work at High Times, nationwide legalization and the best of cannabis culture. Then, John Shull unveils his list for the Top 5 things every man should own. And we debut our new $500 mystery photo contest. 

Music with Orchestra Conductor Alan Pierson

We're going high class and low class in this episode. Orchestra Conductor Alan Pierson joins the show. How he went from MIT physics to music, who are the bad boys of the orchestra and what it's like working with Erykah Badu and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def). Then, John Shull breaks down his Top 5 Super Bowl snacks. And why you should trust people with extra letters in their name.

Las Vegas Entertainer Krystal Goddard

We're going to Vegas in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. Las Vegas Singer and Entertainer Krystal Goddard joins the show. How she went from karaoke machines to performing in casinos. Strange things she sees in the audience. And how witnessing the Route 91 music festival shooting inspired her to pursue another dream. Then, John Shull talks money management skills in the Top 5 things you shouldn't get on sale. And we start a vicious discussion over Steve Perry and the phrase "South Detroit". 

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Comedy and Death with Morty the Mortician

Mortician during the day, stand-up comedian at night. Morty the Mortician joins us for this episode of Profoundly Pointless. What it's like being a mortician, his strangest experiences and how he fell into comedy. Then, John Shull celebrates the greatness that is Captain D's. And we discuss the Top 5 things significant others make you lie about.

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National Geographic's Peter McBride

National Geographic Photographer Peter McBride joins the show. We talk photography, film, travel and conservation with the 2017 Adventurer of the Year.

Then, we discuss the awesomeness of ski lift related horror movies and attempt to answer the ultimate question....is the hot dog a sandwich? 

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Sports with Yo-Yo World Champion Gentry Stein

Traveling the world, making good money, performing in front of thousands. This is the life of Yo-Yo World Champion Gentry Stein. We talk how he got started, day long practice sessions and if Yo-Yo is "cool". Then, John Shull reveals why his feet get so many compliments. And we discuss the Top 5 things you shouldn't do before noon.


Health and wellness with Professional Cuddler Samantha Hess

Snuggle up, cause we're going into 2019 with some happiness. Professional Cuddler Samantha Hess joins the show. How she started her cuddling business, why touch is so important and if Big Spoon is really the best. Then, John Shull's moment of truth arrives. He unveils his yo-yo tricks video and we discuss the Top 5 best generic comebacks. You don't like it? Well, your mom does.

Satanist Stu de Haan of the Satanic Temple

They've been called "the most controversial religion in American history" and in this episode we find out why. Stu de Haan with the Satanic Temple of Arizona joins the show. We talk Satanism, religious freedom and after school programs. Then, John Shull gets mad over holiday movies. And we discuss the best three animals to take into battle.

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Futurists Brian David Johnson and Ryan O'Shea

This episode is all about the future. Futurists Brian David Johnson and Ryan O'Shea join the show to look at what's ahead in 2019 and beyond. We talk artificial intelligence, biotechnology, potential disasters and of course....jet packs. Then, John Shull answers tough questions about his YoYo tricks video. And we discuss the Top 5 worst Christmas gifts.

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Christmas Special with Nicholas Ricketts of the Toy Hall of Fame

From Ataris to Wiffle balls, bikes to Tonka Trucks, we're talking toys with the man who knows them best. Nicholas Ricketts, the curator of the Strong Museum of Play and National Toy Hall of Fame joins the show. We talk illegal toys, childhood memories and what makes a toy Hall of Fame worthy. Then, John Shull reveals a shocking secret. One so surprising, it could cost him both of his two friends.

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Straight Stunting

She's been in blockbuster movies, set records in Ninja Warrior Japan and backflipped all over the world. Now, stuntwoman Luci Romberg joins the show. We talk her favorite stunts, freerunning and ambulance rides with Melissa McCarthy.

We're also debuting our new random listener segment. Where we talk what would be the Top 5 most annoying animals if they could suddenly talk.

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Actor Chris Jai Alex loves bootleg cereal

Kratos, the Rhino, Martian Manhunter, One Punch Man characters, Chris Jai Alex has played them all. He's probably even sold you wings. Get ready to be motivated as we talk music, movies, voice acting, anime, motion capture and more importantly....cereal. Next, John Shull takes time out of his busy Popcorn Chicken schedule to discuss the Top 5 holidays.


Wrestling with Hulk Hogan and Peter Avalon

He graduated high school one day, the next he started his career as a Professional Wrestler. Peter Avalon, "The Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling" is our special guest this episode. We talk about how he got started, life on the independent circuit and the curious sex appeal of vampires.

Next, John Shull is back with a Tip of the Week. We discuss the Top 5 Halloween costumes and how I'm online best friends with Hulk Hogan.


Sex Worker Lily Allegro, the Cam Industry and racing a Buffalo

In this episode we have a slightly NSFW conversation with Lily Allegro. How she got started in the sex industry, why she'll never quit and chickens. Yes, chickens. It will make sense if you listen.

We then continue the animal theme with John Shull, who thinks he can outrun a bison. Why he can't and the Top 5 future technologies we're most looking forward to, all in this episode of Profoundly Pointless.


AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole

This episode is all about going against the odds. AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole joins the show. We talk why she wanted to run for office, Powergirl and bad movies. Then, John Shull debuts a new segment he says will save the show. And we discuss the Top 5 Thanksgiving side dishes.

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Alone in Antartica

This episode is all about new adventures. We talk to explorer Mattias Mayr about being the first to step foot in parts of Antarctica. Why he navigated by kite, what skiing an untouched mountain is like and how 30 below feels.

Then, NPC Competitor Rachel Smith joins the show as our special guest co-host. We debate the best Halloween candies, five things guys shouldn't do and how she got a reputation as a hoodie thief.