Despite a questionable name and the suspect qualifications of one of its hosts (their name rhymes with Ron Null) Profoundly Pointless has actually gotten a fair amount of attention in the media and podcast worlds. Below are some nice things smart people said about us. Websites we’ve been featured on. And industry social media posts that weren’t just eggplant emojis. If you don’t find any of that the least bit interesting or impressive, there’s also two videos of John doing yo-yo tricks and Nick throwing fruit.

Discover Pods Podcast Spotlight:

“Too often I realize I’m stuck in my bubble but this podcast enabled me to, albeit briefly, exit my comfort zone and truly learn something new” - Discover Pods

Podcast Review Show: Episode 61

"Nick is a podcast everyman. He starts out with the pointless and sometimes ends with the pointless, but it leads into the profound. Questions about self and existence.”  - The Podcast Review Show

"I have a feeling that Profoundly Pointless is going to be quite successful. I think that it's going to blow up and that's an understated way of saying I think it's going to be huge." The Podcast Review Show

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Profoundly Pointless has also been a featured podcast on Podbean, Podcast Gumbo and Podcast Republic