Update: We are currently going through all the entries. You can tell we’re serious because we put this in bold.

Think you know what’s going to happen in the final season of Game of Thrones. Prove it.

We took all the money John Shull earned cleaning floors at Arby’s out of his kid’s college fund and we’re putting it into a contest.


1) Points will be awarded on a sliding scale depending on how right you are. Example: He lives (1 point). He dies after being eaten by Drogon (more points)

2) Entries made after the start of the season will be prorated. No points if we all already know what happens to them

3) Prize money will depend on number of entrants. Minimum $100….max $500. Winner take all. Only one person can sit on the Iron Throne.

Name *
Is he really dead? Extra points for this one
Gendry, Davos, Ghost, Syrio, Hot Pie. Tell us what you think will happen to other characters
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